About Sirah Jarocki
Sirah Jarocki (she/they/fae) is a Boston, MA-based editor specializing in children's picture books and middle grade novels. Fae enjoys both fiction and non-fiction but especially inclusive stories with diverse perspectives. Sirah has been an editor since 2012, working with universities and small publishing houses as well as with self-published authors. Fae was reading and reviewing books long before that though.
When Sirah isn't reading or editing, fae enjoys going for hikes with faer dog, knitting, and drinking tea.
About Chapters from the Hammock
Chapters from the Hammock appeared in 2020 as a way for previous clients to stay in touch and for new friends to get reading recommendations. 
Why a hammock? Well, do you know anyone else who has been caught playing a harp in a hammock in a dorm room in Canada? (I'd love to hear about it if you have). 
Wherever Sirah has gone, the hammock has gone too, and while not every dog trusts it, it tends to grow on each one with time.
Why Reedsy?

As an Editor
I joined Reedsy in 2020 as a way to augment my income as a freelance editor, but it didn't take long for me to focus on Reedsy exclusively. As a platform that helps freelance editors succeed, nothing else comes close. Here are just a few of the benefits I've received while working with Reedsy:
   ♦ Project protection: the Reedsy team is always on call to help ensure everyone is being treated fairly.
   ♦ Efficient payment systems: Reedsy's system is easy to understand and takes care of all the hard parts for me. All I have to do is quote my price and name the payment dates, and Reedsy takes care of the rest.
   ♦ Community: Nearly everyone I've met through Reedsy has been kind and genuinely interested in bringing more quality books into the world. It's encouraging to be part of a such a strong group of creative and knowledgeable individuals.
   ♦ Resources: Beyond providing a platform where editors and book professionals can connect with authors, Reedsy also has tons of free resources, including the Reedsy blog, regular livestreams with industry professionals, a word processor that makes it easy to write and convert files into publishable forms, and so much more.
I've now collaborated with over 500 authors to bring their stories to life, and I can't imagine working with any other platform besides Reedsy.

As a Writer
In addition to offering my services as a developmental editor for children's books, I've also hired several Reedsy professionals to collaborate with me on my own books. Every experience has been positive (even when I had a lot of rewriting to do!) and reinforced my commitment to working with Reedsy. No matter where you are in your writing journey, Reedsy is there to help.
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